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Importance and Significance of the Cleanliness in Islam

Islam has a complete code of life. Muslims are present in almost every region of the World. Muslims are still practicing with teachings of Islam and taking the guidance from the Quran and Hadiths. There is a most asked question … Continue reading

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The Ziyarat in Makkah

The pilgrims setting out for offering their pilgrimage, either Umrah or the Hajj also visits the highly significant places in and around the Makkah and the Medinah. The Ziyarat or the significant places in the Makkah include the Muzdalifah. From … Continue reading

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Obligatory act in Muzdalifah

Muzdalifah is one of the four significant seats related to Hajj AND UMRAH Pilgrimage. It is an open space near Makkah closer to Mina. The way after Mina to Arafat. On the 9th of the last Islamic month Of Zul … Continue reading

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Most Rushed Places in Makkah

The holy city of Makkah and Madinah is scared places for the Pilgrimages, in Saudi Arabia is the origin of the Prophet Muhammad. Makkah is open only to Muslims who typically go to perform Hajj or Umrah Pilgrimage which is … Continue reading

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Compulsory Charity A Practical Remedy of Socio economic Issues

Islam is not limited to only religious obligations but also covers all wide range issues of life. It appropriately discusses all stages of human life and its importance. Islam says about all many-sided of social, moral, party-political, and reasonable facets. … Continue reading

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Object and Merits of Hajj

Islam not only educates its supporters how to make and tighten association with God but also permeate the sagacity of cohesion, unity, and harmony among them. It also encourages classic brotherhood and companionship among Muslims. Subsequent to this, Hajj is … Continue reading

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HISTORY OF KAABA “KAABA” is situated in Makkah, al-Hejaz, Saudi Arabia. This is the place where every Muslim wants to visit at least once in a life. Kaaba is known as a “House Of God”. Because Allah sent his prophet to build … Continue reading

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