The Best Qualities in True Believers

The Best Qualities in True BelieversIf you want to enter the community of Islam, you must accept the Islam by true heart. After accepting the Islam, we should spread the Islam to another people or entire world and it’s our religious duty to do it according to Sunnah and Quran. The Muslims after accepting the Islam, they have to move onward in an Islam and try to attain the level of devotee and believer. Every true believer is Muslim but, every Muslim is not a true believer. To gain the title of True Believer, you must keep on rising more rapidly to Islam and do good deeds, follow the Sunnah and instructions of Quran etc. Note one thing, it is not easy to become a true believer, you would face the hardships, difficulties, and Allah will examine you through different ways. But, we never lose the hope and keep trust in Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). Now, let us see the best qualities of True Believer, which are given below,

• The faith in Allah rise every time, He hears and considers over the Quranic Verses
• At all-time pursues knowledge and Hidayat to be on righteous path
• When Allah is stated, sensations the dread of Him in their Hearts
• Has stable self-control and fights wicked services and forces
• Pleasantly accomplishes prayers 5-time in a day
• Deals everyone with poise and lovely way
• Recalls Allah in every circumstance

Allah Says in the Holy Quran,

“Allah and His Angels sanctify the Holy Prophet – So, you who have faith in, sanctify him too and give him greetings of harmony.” (Quran 33:56)

The above-mentioned Ayah of Quran explains that the believers are those, who spread the harmony and send the sanctifications to the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). This quality leads to a person at the level of a true believer and enters the list of the people who are closer to Him. Hence, if a person was to growth high between the believers and show growth more in the religion of peace, then sending Durood E Pak upon Him is one thing that desires to be complete a part of regular life. Allah Says in the Quran E Pak,

“…It is those of His retainers who have information who stand in true wonder of Allah. Allah is Enormous, most pardoning.” (Quran 35:28)

Another symbol of the true believers is that they are frightened by Allah and they know the spirit of Allah, therefore, they blindly familiar the place of Allah in this universe. They don’t do the wrongdoings due to the fear of Allah. So, we should avoid from the wrongdoings because we would be paying for it on the Day of Judgement.
So, I hope you understand all the points and always keep trust in Allah and send the Darood on the Holy Prophet (PBUH). To get the more blessings must visit the Makkah and Madinah with 4 Star Family Umrah Packages 2018 from Glasgow and get close to Him because He is our Creator and He is most Merciful and Beneficial.

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Significance of The Miraculous Night of Shab-e-Miraj

Significance of The Miraculous Night of Shab-e-Miraj

This night of sanctification marks its occurrence on the Islamic calendar’s 27th of Rajab. The devotees state that Hazrat Jibril was instructed by Allah to go together with Prophet (PBUH) to him. Firstly, our Prophet (PBUH) was occupied to from Makkah Masjid E Haram to Jerusalem Masjid e Aqsa and the miraculous journey started and Prophet (PBUH) risen to the heavens to meeting another turning event in his life. If you want to go for umrah contact with Umrah experts. They have 5 star Ramadan umrah packages 2018.

Background, what happened on this night?

When he travels the 7 skies, Prophet (PBUH) met with other, Prophets on that night.

1st Heaven:

On the 1st sky, Prophet (PBUH) met with Prophet Adam (AS).

2nd Heaven: 

On the second sky, Prophet (PBUH) met with Hazrat Yahya and Hazrat Isa (AS).

3rd Heaven:

On the third sky, Prophet (PBUH) met with Prophet who is known for his beauty, Hazrat Yusuf (AS).

4th Heaven:

On the fourth sky, Prophet (PBUH) met with Hazrat Idris (AS).

5th Heaven

On the fifth sky, Prophet (PBUH) met with Hazrat Haroon (As) who is a brother of Hazrat Musa (AS).

6th Heaven:

On the sixth sky, Prophet (PBUH) met with Hazrat Musa (AS).

7th Heaven:

On the 7th sky, Prophet (PBUH) met with Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and standing near Bayt ul Mamur where angels do Tawaf. At this sky, Prophet (PBUH) saw Sidra tul Muntaha, a tree which places the end to skies and from where the place of Allah start.

Nawafil for Shab e Miraj 

See the prayers or nafl for the night of Miraj below,

• Do the 12 Rakat nafl with 1 salaam

• In each Rakkat read the sura Al hamd once and Sura Ikhlas 3 times

• After salaam recite 100 times “Subhanallahi wal humdu lillahi wa la elaha illal lahu walllahu akber”

• After reciting it, read 100 times “Astaghfirullaha rabbi min kulli zunbin wa atbu elaihi

• After this narrate 100 times Darood Sharif

• Then make Dua get the blessings of Allah

Therefore, we should respect the Shab e Miraj and do some nawafil on this night to get the blessings of Allah.

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Fast Food Companies are Missing Customers in Ramadan

Fast Food Companies are Missing Customers in Ramadan

We all are aware of the fact that the people living in Saudi Arabia love fast food and all the American fast food chains including KFC, McDonalds and Hardees are quite successful in Saudi Arabia. But when the holy month Ramadan arrives, these fast food chains see less number of customers as Ramadan is a highly respectable month in Saudi Arab and it is welcomed warm heartedly with love and care. Many Islamic countries ban the opening of restaurants in Ramadan strictly. Other countries may not ban it, but they do face a shortage of customers in this holy month because even if a person is not fasting, he would still avoid to go to any restaurant in this holy month.

Different owners of these fast food chain companies’ were interviewed in Jeddah. According to them, restaurants experience less number of customers in Ramadan even though many restaurants offer amazing Ramadan meals to the customers to attract them but still people usually prefer to order from the old menu instead of availing those Ramadan deals. This causes a decrease in the economy of these restaurants in Jeddah which remains close throughout the day, and opens up at Iftari time. According to a mothers, she loves to prepare Iftari for the family and she starts doing preparation for that even before the arrival of Ramadan so that she can freeze that stuff and can use it later on for the whole family members.

News Credentials:

This news has been credited by Umrah Experts and for the Muslim Travelers who are enthusiastic to perform Holy Acts in form of  hajj from birmigham. You can also see connected post on wiki news too.

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Importance of Performing Hajj

Importance of Performing Hajj

Hajj is an amazing and prominent obligation of Islam which is highly significant among all the Muslims of the world. If you check the estimate of the number of people performing Hajj each year, it would reach to a million because unlike Umrah which can be performed any time in a year, Hajj has to be performed on a specific day each year due to which the crowd of people performing Hajj is very high as compared to the number of people who perform Umrah. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and it holds a great importance in Islam. Just like the other pillars of Islam are important, Hajj should also be performed with complete devotion and love of Allah in order to gain maximum number of blessings and sanctifications of this sacred duty which is given to the Muslims by their Lord.
During Hajj, people from all over the world show the amazing illustration of unity and harmony. When the Muslims take family hajj tour packages and perform the Hajj together without showing any kind of racism or discrimination of nationality, cast, color or race, then surely they display the biggest example of it during the obligation of Hajj. It is performed in the remarkable memory of Hazrat Ibrahim (may Allah be pleased with him) and Hazrat Ismail (may Allah shower His blessings upon him). It is said that Hazrat Ibrahim was given a test by Allah to give the sacrifice of his beloved son Hazrat Ismail.
Importance of Performing HajjHazrat Ibrahim fulfilled that command and took Hazrat Ismail with him to perfume the sacrifice for the sake of Allah Almighty. At that point, a sheep was sent from the heavens to give the sacrifice which Hazrat Ibrahim did. Right after the obligation of Hajj, Muslims give the sacrifice of animal and then make three distributions of the meat in accordance to Sunnah. One part of meat is given to the needy and poor, one part to your relatives and then the third one to keep for yourself. Some people also perform Umrah via family umrah packages uk along with Hajj, in order to avail the blessings of both sacred commitments. It not only saves your time but also gives you economical benefits. You can have a great peace of mind and serenity and your heart will be filled with eternal joy and love for Allah Almighty.

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Follow the Sunnah of the Prophet can make your life better enough

Follow the Sunnah of the Prophet can make your life better enough (2)Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him is the great source to make you successful not only in this world but the world after that. Sunnah of the Holy Prophet are the best ways to improve yourself as there is no alternative and a best thing over it. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star  Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. Allah Almighty has introduced a good system of living through the Prophets and the messengers that made the great duty for the development of human character and to enlighten the society with the real knowledge of Islam. The word Sunnah is usually explaining the daily life routine of the Prophets and their messages. The Sunnah of the Prophets are the gems to live a productive and successful life in the efficient way. in our lives, many times we don’t even know the Sunnah of the Prophets on the basic matter of Islam. And we say Muslims to ourselves while we don’t have the basic knowledge about our religion. It is the word of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him that is in the explanation, who will make alive to my Sunnah, he has loved for me and he will be in paradise with me. And to fulfill the Sunnah of the Ibrahim A.S thousands of the Muslims gather around the Makkah and seek the forgiveness form the Allah Almighty. you can also be the part of that by having the best Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. through which you can visit the House of Almighty and can have the best life changing sacred journey.  Following of the Sunnah of the Prophet Peace be upon is the gain of reward not only for ourselves but for those who make us to follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. and you can get the blessings of Allah Almighty who is most kind and beneficent as a in plus that will make your life prosper and organized through which you can enjoy every happiness with great distinction. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. When you like some person then you read about the habits of that person and you start love and respect him. if you follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet then it means you love your Prophet and adopt every life style of the Holy Prophet in your life and it means you are going to gain the eternal success.

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Important Facts About Levels of Soul

Important Facts About Levels of Soul

The soul is considered as an important aspect present inside the human body. Many people connect the concept of the soul with your spirit and mind. The human soul is an individual and separate entity which is separated by the body after death. When a person is alive, the soul is always working side by side with the body. A person is often consciously not aware of the existence of the soul inside him. He may think of soul and body as one single entity which is clearly not the case.

There are basically three levels of soul. First one is called Commanding soul, second is the Reproachful soul and third is the Tranquil soul. The commanding soul is the lower form of the soul. The one who possesses this soul is easily attracted towards worldly things. He does not have a strong faith in Almighty and the person is always fulfilling his bodily desires and pleasures. The person is a slave of his desires due to which he easily commits sins. This soul loses the ability to sense the difference between right and wrong path. Hearts get sealed and hardened and people are unable to differentiate between the evil and good. People refuse the guidance of Allah. The devil whispers in their ear to commit the sin and they start committing it without thinking that it might displease Almighty. This is definitely the worse kind of soul that one can have and takes you to such a dark path of sins which has no end.

The second kind of Soul is called Reproachful soul and this soul is aware of the difference between good and evil. Whenever a person having this soul commits any sin, he blames himself for doing that. After doing sin, people pray to God to ask for His forgiveness. People having this kind of soul are always seeking for mercy because they are aware of the fact that they have been doing many mistakes which are against the principles of Islam. Majority of the people going on Hajj and Umrah have this Reproachful soul. Each year millions of Muslims utilize Ramadan Umrah Package to have a journey towards Saudi Arabia in order to perform Hajj and Umrah. When they are standing in front of the Holy Kaaba they start crying and asking for mercy. They also make a commitment with themselves and with God, that after doing Hajj and Umrah they will be a completely new person. Umrah and Hajj purify your soul whether it is the Commanding soul or Reproachful soul.

The third type of soul is called the Tranquil soul. It is the purest form of soul. When a person’s faith becomes stronger, the evilness inside his soul gradually becomes weak. The person who possesses this kind of soul is always trying his best to fulfill the commands of Almighty. Usually, the most pious and holy saints have this kind of soul which is free from all the impurities of the sin. May Allah guide us towards the path of virtue and provide us the ability to make our soul the most purified Ameen.

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Importance of Sahaba in islam

Importance of Sahaba in islam

In the era of Holy Prophet there were people who embraced Islam and remain with the Holy Prophet till their last breath. They sacrificed their lives and their all belongings for the prosperity and to cherish Islamic teachings. The term Sahabaa‎‎ meaning the companions.

In every state of Islam when Muslims faced hardship under the great flag of preaching, there were some great people who showed great strength of unity and fearlessness in way of Allah Almighty. Those people who firmly stand with our beloved Holy Prophet peace be upon him in the hardships of war and shortfall, and who laid their lives for he prosperity and chastity of this divine message were the sahabaas who were hand to hand on just a signal of Holy Prophet. There are many Sahabaas in the history of Islam who played their services for Islam but four of them really have great deed of importancy. They are Hazrat Abu-Bakr (R.A), Hazrat Umer (R.A), Hazrat Usman (R.A) and Hazrat Ali (R.A).

These four sahabas also called the four pillars of Islam.and these are among the ten luckiest people of this world who received the glad tidings of heaven in this world. In every hardship they firmly stand with the vision of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and accept and spread this as it has right to do. They merge themselves according to the real soul of Islam. And they continued it after leaving the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They saved all the Sunnah of Prophet and after long time it was compiled in the form of Holy and authentic books after the Quran in this world. They are oxygen providers in the history of Islam who kept alive the Islamic teachings for long time and since it has been delivered to us. Mostly people are finding Best Ramadan Umrah Packages 2018 uk for muslims. Because they are wanting go for umrah in holy month.

No doubt there is an important role of these companions of Holy Prophet in all uprising of Islam. Though different people with different communities stated their love for Sahaba in different ways but it would not wrong to say that they have eminent position in preaching of Islam after the Holy Prophet (PBUH). as they are the source to raise the value of Islam we should play our part as an individual as well as in groups. Therefore, we brought best Umrah Packages for Muslims Community from Birmingham, England. It’s our moral as well as religious values to keep spreading the noble teachings so that we would be able to get reward from Allah (SWT) at the day of Judgement.

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