The Ziyarat in Makkah

The Ziyarat in Makkah

The pilgrims setting out for offering their pilgrimage, either Umrah or the Hajj also visits the highly significant places in and around the Makkah and the Medinah. The Ziyarat or the significant places in the Makkah include the Muzdalifah. From the Valley of Muhassar, Muzdalifah stretches to the mountains of Mazamayn. It is 4 kilometers extended and covers an area of 12.25km2. Referring to Muzdalifah, Allah Almighty mentions in Surah Baqarah in the Quran:

“When you leave Arafat, then remember Allah at the Masharul Haram.” (‘The Sacred Monument’, referring to Muzdalifah according to Abdullah bin Umar [R.A])
During the Hajj farewell, the Prophet (PBUH) performed the Maghrib and Isha prayer together at Muzdalifah. He stayed at the mark where the present Masjid Masharul Haram is currently being towards the Qibla side. From there, the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Although I am staying here, you may stay anywhere throughout Muzdalifah.”

The other place of Ziyarah is the Arafat Mount. The common meaning of the word Arafat is “to know”. After being taken out of Jannah and placed on Earth, it was here that Adam (R.A) and Hawa (R.A) met up. Standing on Arafat is a necessary part of the Hajj; whoever misses the standing on Arafat has missed Hajj, because the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Hajj is Arafat.”

The day of Arafah has many qualities, as was narrated in many Ahadith. Aisha (R.A) narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “There is no day in which Allah sets free more souls from the fire of hell than on the day of Arafat. And on that day Allah draws near to the earth and by way of exhibiting His Pride remarks to the angels, ‘What is the desire of these (servants of mine)?” Umar (R.A) said: “On a Friday we know the day and the place in which that was revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) it was when he was standing on Arafat,”
On the right slope of Jabal-ur-Rehmah there once existed a masjid called Masid Sakhrah. It signified the mark where the Prophet (PBUH) after leading the Zuhr and Asar prayer faced towards the Qibla and engaged in Dua till evening. It was at this mark where the an important of the Quran was revealed.

Another milestone for the Pilgrims is the Mina. In the Quran Mina is referenced in Surah Baqarah: “Carry out the remembrance of Allah during the limited days (10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of Dhul Hijjah). There shall be no sin on the person who chooses to hasten (to leave Mina) during the two days (by leaving Mina on the 12th Dhul Hijjah), nor will there be any sin on him who wishes to delay (by leaving Mina on the 13th). For him, who possesses Taqwa, which means throughout the Hajj journey.”

The word Mina means ‘to flow’ as it is here that the blood of sacrificial animal flow during the day of Eid ul Adha. During the Farewell Pilgrimage the Muslims had brought with them 100 camels to be sacrificed. On the 10th Dhul Hijjah the Prophet (PBUH) stoned the Jamarat and went back to his camp in Mina where he sacrificed 63 of the camels. Ali (R.A) slaughtered the remaining 37 camels and the Prophet (PBUH) instructed that a part of each camel is cooked and served to him (PBUH) and his Companions.

After the camels had been sacrificed, the Prophet (PBUH) called for a barber to shave his head. Abu Bakar (R.A) remarked afterwards on the contrast between the Khalid bin Waleed before he embraced Islam and the Khalid, who now said, “O Messenger of Allah, they forelock! Give it to none but I, my father and my mother are the ransom!” And when the Prophet (PBUH) gave it to him he pressed it reverently against his eyes and lips. It is reported that Khalid bin Waleed (R.A) used to keep this hair in his headgear. In Mina there lies a cave known as the ‘Cave of Mursalaat’ as this was where the Prophet (PBUH) was when Surah Mursalaat was revealed to him.

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Importance Eid Mailad Al Nabavi in Islam

Importance Eid Mailad Al Nabavi in Islam

It was the month of Rabi Al Awal, when the holy Prophet Muhammd, peace be on him, born in this world. His birth took place in Makkah on a Monday at the house known as Dar Al-Mawlid, in the year of the Elephant, which communicates to 571 C.E. His father Abdullah and mother Aminah, both were of the famous families of the Arab. His father passed away a few months prior to his birth. It was his grandfather who named him as Muhammad, and his mother calls him Ahmad. It is compulsive on the Muslims know the dignity of the beloved Prophet, peace be on him, and the Quran, which they are bound to abide by.

The month of Rabi al Awal is most significant in the Islamic history and thousands of muslims brothers and sisters perform umrah with umrah packages 2017 in very same month, as the humanity has been blessed in this month with the conception of the Muhammad, peace be on him. Not only the Arabian peninsula, but the significant nations of Rome and Persia were drowned in the darkness of ignorance, superstitions, oppression and unrest, before the birth of Muhammad, peace be on him. He, peace be on him, came to the eternal truth of Tawhid., which is the only concept which provide the basis of the real concept of the knowledge, equity and peace. This faith brings out the humanity out of the clouds of ignorance and spread the light of the actual knowledge over the earth.

According to an authentic Hadith: The Beloved Prophet (peace be on him) has stated that,” 14000 years before the creation of Hazrat Adam (A.S) I was a Noor by my creator.”
According to Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A) says, “Whosoever spends one Dirham on the birthday of the Prophet (peace be on him), he will be with me in Jannat.”

The beloved Prophet, peace be on him, used to fast on the Monday, as the celebration of his own Mailad. Once it’s asked him that why does he fast on the Mondays, he replied that, it is the day I took birth and Quran revealed to me on the same day.

Muslims around the world celebrate the day of Wiladat of the holy Prophet as the Eid Mailad an Nabavi, peace be on him. This is also considered to be a festival as of the Eid. The exchange of greetings are held on this day and the Muslims arrange great Mahafil e Mailad to remember the holy Prophet, peace be on him, throughout the sacred month of Rabi al Awal. Beyond this month zilhaj is also most sacred month for the muslims who want to perform hajj with cheap hajj packages 2017 from various parts of the world.

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The Sacred days in Islam Among Muslim Ummah

The Sacred days in Islam Among Muslim Ummah

Islam has comparatively the minority holidays compared to the majority other religions; yet, their sanctified days and periods are very significant to Muslims. When holidays are being pragmatic, it is common for custom social activities, such as work and commerce, to stop for the time being, out of admiration for the person or event being remembered.

Conventionally, Muslims rejoice two major festivals – Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Most Muslims brothers and sisters prefer to perform umrah before eid with best Ramadan umrah packages and most of them perform hajj with cheap hajj packages 2017 in month of Zilhajj. They commemorate one month of the fasting – Ramadan. And they also detect a day of voluntary fasting – ‘Ashura, which is also an important Shiite festival. The accepted carnival of Mawlid Un-Nabi rejoices the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, but is scowled upon as an idolatrous novelty by traditional Muslims. Most Islamic holidays also commemorate measures in the life of th e Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, or are special days founded by him.

Holidays in the Muslim faith
Islamic Calendar
The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, same as the Jewish calendar, but it has no remedial scheme to align it with the solar calendar so Islamic holidays do not at all times fall in the similar season.
Al-Hijra: Islamic New Year
The Islamic new year is celebrated on the first day of the Muharram. Al-Hijra, the month in which Muhammad, peace be on him, emigrated from Makkah to Medinah in 622 CE (the Hijra).
Ramadan: Month of Fasting
It is not only a holy day that is known as the Ramadan, but for the Muslims, a holy month. It is the ninth month of the Muslim year, in which “the Quran was sent down as a direction for the people”
Eid Al-Fitr: Festival of Breaking the Fast
Among the Islam’s two major festivals, the Eid Al-Fitr or Eid al-Fitr (Arabic for “Festival of the Breaking of the Fast”) is one. It spots the end of Ramadan, the sacred month of fasting, and is eminent during the first three days of the upcoming month of Shawwal.
Eid Al-Adha: Festival of the Sacrifice
Eid Al-Adha or Eid al-Adha (“Festival of the Sacrifice”) is a chief Islamic carnival that takes place at the end of the annual Hajj.
Ashura: Remembering Shiite Martyr Husayn
Ashura (also spelled Aashurah, Ashurah or Aashorah), is an Islamic anniversary experiential on the 10th of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic year.

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Faith and Trust of Muslims Ummah Over Allah Almighty

Faith and Trust of Muslims Ummah Over Allah Almighty

Muslims are precious entities bearing the strength of Allah Almighty. According to the Qur’an, it is offensive for such people to overstate their mistakes and regard themselves as valueless because of them. It is Allah Almighty Who creates errors and causes people to perform an action them in fate. Even before a person is born it is already meant in fate at what time, on what date and where they will make that mistake. Even if a person were to knowledge that moment a thousand times over they would still make the same mistake on the same date, at the same time and in the same place.

Since Muslims have faith and trust in the presence of Allah Almighty, they always regard themselves as worthy and priceless. They always have respect for themselves. But they also know it is Allah who will create that adore and bestow that feeling of trust in other believers’ hearts. Muslims’ errors are involved in strengthening the love felt for those people. That is because the vital thing is not the error, but the performance in the face of it of the person committing it. Since Muslims fear Allah, they have nervous consciences when they make a mistake. They directly think as they are shown in the Quran and thus see the truth.

Muslims feel regret for their errors and struggle to make up for their mistake and to improve their ethical values by looking for protection in Allah Almighty. The more mistakes people commit, the more they are able to understand how weak they are. They reach a deeper understanding of how much they want Allah. This state of mind increases a person’s obedience to Allah Almighty and humility. And Allah Almighty creates feelings of kindness and affection for that person in the hearts of other believers.

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Hajj A Pious Tour for Muslims Ummah

Hajj A Pious Tour for Muslims UmmahHajj is a very important duty for all Muslims who have the resources. It is to be performed during the month of Al Hajj once in a life span. Umrah can be performed anytime during the year. Many of us take the history of Hajj and Umrah very carelessly even though we are well aware with its facts. Muslims celebrate the life of Ibrahim (R.A) each year during Hajj and Umrah. We also know his special status with Allah as Khaleel-Ullah which means Intimate Friend of Allah Almighty. What did Ibrahim (R.A) do to get such a high status from Allah Almighty?
It is because he placed Allah above everybody else in every moment of his life starting from the time when he was a youngster. Throughout his life he was faced with one test after another which only increased his faith in Allah and brought him closer to him. The Hajj and Umrah rites became devious for nearly two and a half thousand years after the pagans began to rule Makah. In the end, however, the time arrived for granting the Dua (prayer) of the Prophet Ibrahim (R.A) which he had appeal to although raising the walls of the Kaaba.
Hajj is performed in the month of Zill Hajj (12th month of Islamic calendar), as umrah can be performed all the year. Muslims around the world perform the holy journey to the holy cities of Makah and Madina. However, there are few things to believe for all Muslims before planning Hajj so that you can achieve this religious duty with enough comfort and satisfaction.
For this day people from all over the world come to the house of Allah to worship and praise him and fulfill their duty of Hajj and Umrah. Hajj is the obligations for which most Muslims wish to pursue. Hajj is obligatory for every Muslim who has the physical and financial resources to cover the price to perform the Hajj at least once in his life span. Umrah is not as compulsory as the execution of Hajj obligation, but it is also the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Umrah is a form of worship of great sacred importance in Islam and is alike in its acts with the Hajj, but still there are differences between the Hajj and umrah.
During this devout journey male pilgrims are needed to be in a special dress, known as ihram. It is apparel containing of two pieces of fabrics of white color. Muslims must put on ihram. Hajj is not only a journey; it is basically a passion, a journey of love. This is especially for those who strict obedience to Allah Almighty. During the journey, the pilgrims are expected to fix clean themselves and throw stones directly on all the devilish tendencies.
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The Blessed Prophet David(PBHU)

Dawood (David) was not alone a famous Prophet of the Israelites but he was also their sovereign.  The Holy Qur’an confirms:

“And Allah gave him the realm! and understanding and trained him of that which He obligatory.” (And it was theoretical unto him) 0′ Dawood! To! We have set you as a vicegerent in the soil, so, judge aright amid mankind and shadow, not desire. The Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) had an ancestral link with the Prophet Yaqub (peace be upon him).  He existed in Bait-ul-Lahm which was situated at the coldness of ten miles after Jerusalem.  The Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) was the newest of his eight brothers. The Prophet Samuel (peace be upon him) had conservative an indication that the Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) would develop king after Goliath.  He went to Baitul-Lahm to cast a peep at Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him).  He was much impressed at his good-looking and angelic dream. This was the first Kabba of Muslims then now in is in Makkah. Muslims go there for haj and umrah with Umrah packages.

 The Prophet Dawud Accepts the Company of Talut

Version to the Torah Saul was a mission of a man who might play on a harp.   As the Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) was healthy knowledgeable in this art, he was requested to create to Talut and break with him.  The Prophet Dawood (peace be upon him) approved most of the time in the company of his master and stayed his father off and on.  He assisted him intending the eye.

He was best for his nation

David was a just and virtuous leader who transported peace and wealth to the Children of Israel.  He is supposed to have alienated his working day into four shares.  One for making a living and rest.  Prophet David did not live off the profits of his empire.  He was an accomplished armorer and he completes and sold arms to support himself and his family. The additional part of the day was to pray and spend time anticipating the magnitude of God. In Quran, there is well-known chapter of the prophets(PBHU) them. If you are going for umrah. we are introducing you our umrah umrah package its included services and inexpensive tickets.

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Obligatory act in Muzdalifah

Muzdalifah is one of the four significant seats related to Hajj AND UMRAH Pilgrimage. It is an open space near Makkah closer to Mina. The way after Mina to Arafat. On the 9th of the last Islamic month Of Zul Hajj, Muslims should break here at night. They must permission Arafat after sundown and go to Muzdalifah for residual. The place will be overfull throughout that time.

Obligatory act in Muzdalifah

Hajj and Umrah

It is at this place that all Hajjis should collect minor pebbles for tossing at the devil. On the night of 9th Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims have to sleep in the open crushed without a roof and should permission for Mina the next a.m.
On the way to Mina, you have to cross the valley, Mudhassir. When you pass it, it is practical to cross debauched. This is the home where the elephant army of Abraha of pre-historic era was demolished by minor birds. So, this is considered to be a home of corset. his is the, main part of Islamic Pilgrimage. people come on Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage must see this holy places

Obligatory Acts at Muzdhalifah
To perform all Rite of Hajj these steps are Obligatory.
 To break in the central part of the basic of Mash’ar.
 To choose 70 pebbles after here for Rami of Jamarat (for Satan).
 To agreement Arafah with new body and tranquil mind, happening with supplications
 To portable with ease, causing worry to no-body. If it is problematic to reach Mishear before night, do not let your Maghrib and Isha prayers be Qadha. Pray on the method and way.
 It is Mustahab to request Maghrib and Isha on the grasslands of Mash’ar, with one Adhaan and two Iqamahs, smooth if one-third of the nightly away.
 prayers, dhikr and all performances of adoration are optional in this night, which you have to devote here. If possible, try and request Salaat al-Shaab.
 After morning prayer, it is Obligatory to continue in the state of Taharat

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