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Significance of The Miraculous Night of Shab-e-Miraj

This night of sanctification marks its occurrence on the Islamic calendar’s 27th of Rajab. The devotees state that Hazrat Jibril was instructed by Allah to go together with Prophet (PBUH) to him. Firstly, our Prophet (PBUH) was occupied to from … Continue reading

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Fast Food Companies are Missing Customers in Ramadan

We all are aware of the fact that the people living in Saudi Arabia love fast food and all the American fast food chains including KFC, McDonalds and Hardees are quite successful in Saudi Arabia. But when the holy month … Continue reading

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The Blessed Prophet David(PBHU)

Dawood (David) was not alone a famous Prophet of the Israelites but he was also their sovereign.  The Holy Qur’an confirms: “And Allah gave him the realm! and understanding and trained him of that which He obligatory.” (And it was … Continue reading

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Entering In Har’ram With The Right Foot Is A Sunnah

With respect to the title, there came two various faculties in the psyche of the peruse. The first is, ritual acts to perform amid Umrah. Second is the best approach to adjust to achieve the destination of Holy Har’ram. Both … Continue reading

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The Holy Kaaba which was built by Prophet Abraham (AS) on the commandment of Allah Almighty. Umrah package for london The Holy Kaaba built on 2130 BC by Prophet Abraham (AS) and his son Prophet Ismael (AS). Prophet Muhammad (peace … Continue reading

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What is Ayah and its Importance

Ayah is an Arabic word and the meaning of this word is “Verse” in the context of Islam’s principal scared writing, which is used in the Holy Quran. While other meanings of the word ‘Ayah’ are ‘evidence’ or ‘sign’. It … Continue reading

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Names of Allah in the Religion Islam

There 99 name of Allah in Arabic language. Why we call Allah from 99 names? Because, Allah Almighty is known by millions of qualities and we have good traits given by the creator of us and he is the only … Continue reading

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