Fast Food Companies are Missing Customers in Ramadan

Fast Food Companies are Missing Customers in Ramadan

We all are aware of the fact that the people living in Saudi Arabia love fast food and all the American fast food chains including KFC, McDonalds and Hardees are quite successful in Saudi Arabia. But when the holy month Ramadan arrives, these fast food chains see less number of customers as Ramadan is a highly respectable month in Saudi Arab and it is welcomed warm heartedly with love and care. Many Islamic countries ban the opening of restaurants in Ramadan strictly. Other countries may not ban it, but they do face a shortage of customers in this holy month because even if a person is not fasting, he would still avoid to go to any restaurant in this holy month.

Different owners of these fast food chain companies’ were interviewed in Jeddah. According to them, restaurants experience less number of customers in Ramadan even though many restaurants offer amazing Ramadan meals to the customers to attract them but still people usually prefer to order from the old menu instead of availing those Ramadan deals. This causes a decrease in the economy of these restaurants in Jeddah which remains close throughout the day, and opens up at Iftari time. According to a mothers, she loves to prepare Iftari for the family and she starts doing preparation for that even before the arrival of Ramadan so that she can freeze that stuff and can use it later on for the whole family members.

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