Important Facts About Levels of Soul

Important Facts About Levels of Soul

The soul is considered as an important aspect present inside the human body. Many people connect the concept of the soul with your spirit and mind. The human soul is an individual and separate entity which is separated by the body after death. When a person is alive, the soul is always working side by side with the body. A person is often consciously not aware of the existence of the soul inside him. He may think of soul and body as one single entity which is clearly not the case.

There are basically three levels of soul. First one is called Commanding soul, second is the Reproachful soul and third is the Tranquil soul. The commanding soul is the lower form of the soul. The one who possesses this soul is easily attracted towards worldly things. He does not have a strong faith in Almighty and the person is always fulfilling his bodily desires and pleasures. The person is a slave of his desires due to which he easily commits sins. This soul loses the ability to sense the difference between right and wrong path. Hearts get sealed and hardened and people are unable to differentiate between the evil and good. People refuse the guidance of Allah. The devil whispers in their ear to commit the sin and they start committing it without thinking that it might displease Almighty. This is definitely the worse kind of soul that one can have and takes you to such a dark path of sins which has no end.

The second kind of Soul is called Reproachful soul and this soul is aware of the difference between good and evil. Whenever a person having this soul commits any sin, he blames himself for doing that. After doing sin, people pray to God to ask for His forgiveness. People having this kind of soul are always seeking for mercy because they are aware of the fact that they have been doing many mistakes which are against the principles of Islam. Majority of the people going on Hajj and Umrah have this Reproachful soul. Each year millions of Muslims utilize Ramadan Umrah Package to have a journey towards Saudi Arabia in order to perform Hajj and Umrah. When they are standing in front of the Holy Kaaba they start crying and asking for mercy. They also make a commitment with themselves and with God, that after doing Hajj and Umrah they will be a completely new person. Umrah and Hajj purify your soul whether it is the Commanding soul or Reproachful soul.

The third type of soul is called the Tranquil soul. It is the purest form of soul. When a person’s faith becomes stronger, the evilness inside his soul gradually becomes weak. The person who possesses this kind of soul is always trying his best to fulfill the commands of Almighty. Usually, the most pious and holy saints have this kind of soul which is free from all the impurities of the sin. May Allah guide us towards the path of virtue and provide us the ability to make our soul the most purified Ameen.

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