Faith and Trust of Muslims Ummah Over Allah Almighty

Faith and Trust of Muslims Ummah Over Allah Almighty

Muslims are precious entities bearing the strength of Allah Almighty. According to the Qur’an, it is offensive for such people to overstate their mistakes and regard themselves as valueless because of them. It is Allah Almighty Who creates errors and causes people to perform an action on them in fate. Even before a person is born it is already meant in fate at what time, on what date and where they will make that mistake. Even if a person were to the knowledge that moment a thousand times over they would still make the same mistake on the same date, at the same time and in the same place.

Since Muslims have faith and trust in the presence of Allah Almighty, they always regard themselves as worthy and priceless. They always have respect for themselves. But they also know it is Allah who will create that adore and bestow that feeling of trust in other believers’ hearts. Muslims’ errors are involved in strengthening the love felt for those people. That is because the vital thing is not the error, but the performance in the face of it of the person committing it. Since Muslims fear Allah, they have nervous consciences when they make a mistake. They directly think as they are shown in the Quran and thus see the truth.

Muslims feel regret for their errors and struggle to make up for their mistake and to improve their ethical values by looking for protection from Allah Almighty. The more mistakes people commit, the more they are able to understand how weak they are. They reach a deeper understanding of how much they want Allah. This state of mind increases a person’s obedience to Allah Almighty and humility. And Allah Almighty creates feelings of kindness and affection for that person in the hearts of other believers.

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