Obligatory act in Muzdalifah

Muzdalifah is one of the four significant seats related to Hajj AND UMRAH Pilgrimage. It is an open space near Makkah closer to Mina. The way after Mina to Arafat. On the 9th of the last Islamic month Of Zul Hajj, Muslims should break here at night. They must permission Arafat after sundown and go to Muzdalifah for residual. The place will be overfull throughout that time.

Obligatory act in Muzdalifah

Hajj and Umrah

It is at this place that all Hajjis should collect minor pebbles for tossing at the devil. On the night of 9th Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims have to sleep in the open crushed without a roof and should permission for Mina the next a.m.
On the way to Mina, you have to cross the valley, Mudhassir. When you pass it, it is practical to cross debauched. This is the home where the elephant army of Abraha of pre-historic era was demolished by minor birds. So, this is considered to be a home of corset. his is the, main part of Islamic Pilgrimage. people come on Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage must see this holy places

Obligatory Acts at Muzdhalifah
To perform all Rite of Hajj these steps are Obligatory.
 To break in the central part of the basic of Mash’ar.
 To choose 70 pebbles after here for Rami of Jamarat (for Satan).
 To agreement Arafah with new body and tranquil mind, happening with supplications
 To portable with ease, causing worry to no-body. If it is problematic to reach Mishear before night, do not let your Maghrib and Isha prayers be Qadha. Pray on the method and way.
 It is Mustahab to request Maghrib and Isha on the grasslands of Mash’ar, with one Adhaan and two Iqamahs, smooth if one-third of the nightly away.
 prayers, dhikr and all performances of adoration are optional in this night, which you have to devote here. If possible, try and request Salaat al-Shaab.
 After morning prayer, it is Obligatory to continue in the state of Taharat

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