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Umrah and Importance of Ahram During Umrah

It is buoyant to perform Umrah more than once in the life time so it can go about as a rinse of sins from the previous Umrah. The expression of Umrah is known as the remove one’s spirit from past … Continue reading

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Entering In Har’ram With The Right Foot Is A Sunnah

With respect to the title, there came two various faculties in the psyche of the peruse. The first is, ritual acts to perform amid Umrah. Second is the best approach to adjust to achieve the destination of Holy Har’ram. Both … Continue reading

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HISTORY OF KAABA “KAABA” is situated in Makkah, al-Hejaz, Saudi Arabia. This is the place where every Muslim wants to visit at least once in a life. Kaaba is known as a “House Of God”. Because Allah sent his prophet to build … Continue reading

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Umrah Tips For Men and Ladies Before Leave For Umrah

So I simply needed to pause for a minute and give a couple recommendations for the individuals who will be setting out soon to perform the beautiful Umrah venture. The accompanying suggestions are amongst those that I got and some … Continue reading

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