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Why The Holy Quran Is The Best Book

There are several religions and few of them have their own religious books. Usually, these books are derived from the Islamic books which were the miracles of those Prophets on whom these were sent. The bo ok itself refers to … Continue reading

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What is Ayah and its Importance

Ayah is an Arabic word and the meaning of this word is “Verse” in the context of Islam’s principal scared writing, which is used in the Holy Quran. While other meanings of the word ‘Ayah’ are ‘evidence’ or ‘sign’. It … Continue reading

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Names of Allah in the Religion Islam

There 99 name of Allah in Arabic language. Why we call Allah from 99 names? Because, Allah Almighty is known by millions of qualities and we have good traits given by the creator of us and he is the only … Continue reading

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