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Ansar The Helper of Islamic Stability in Madinah

Ansar is an Arabic word and the meaning of this word is “The Helper” is an Islamic phrase that literary means “helpers” and designated the citizens of the Madinah that helped our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah … Continue reading

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Akhlaq The Practice of Virtue, Molarity and Manners in Islamic Theology and Philosophy

Akhlaq is an Arabic word relating to the practice of Virtue, Molarity, and Manners in Islamic Theology and Philosophy. It is most normally translated into English dictionaries as; disposition, nature, temper, ethics, moral and manner (of every person). Akhlaq is … Continue reading

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Prophet Adam (AS) was the first Man and Modern Sciences

In Islam, there is no clash between faith in Allah and modern scientific knowledge. It is already mentioned for many centuries during the middle Ages, Muslims took the world in scientific exploration and inquiry. The Holy Quran itself, exposed around … Continue reading

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